• News releases
  • Press kits
  • Social media content

Competing for attention in today’s current media landscape requires creativity, speed and versatility.

I write attention-grabbing news releases and develop effective marketing strategies for clients in post-secondary education and research, the arts and health care.


  • Feature articles
  • News releases
  • Marketing & brand copy
  • Web content

When you hire me, you get an experienced and versatile writer with a unique ability to tailor content for specific audience needs.

I’ve written for Canadian national magazines and newspapers, niche book publishers, non-profit organizations and world-renowned research universities. Each requires a different voice, tone and approach.


  • Copy-editing
  • Proofreading

Nothing looks more unprofessional to your readers and clients than a misplaced apostrophe, homonym mix-up or spelling error.

As a devoted grammarian, I take editing very seriously. Whether you’re looking for a light proofread or a deeper copy-edit, I will ensure your material maintains consistent style, readability and, of course, perfect grammar.